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Fire Risk Assessments

Professional, Expert Assessments in South Yorkshire

Identify and mitigate against fire hazards in the workplace

Are you looking for a high-quality, fully compliant fire risk assessment in South Yorkshire? At Trust Fire & Safety, we can help.


Our professional fire consultants are experienced in conducting fire risk assessments in a wide range of premises. Our experience includes football clubs, theme parks, shopping centres, large industrial and commercial complexes, offices, factories, hospitals, care homes, schools, residential blocks of flats and shops. Fire risk assessments involve a comprehensive look at your premises, the people who use it and what fire-related risks exist in that context. Our assessments analyse these risks and suggest ways to mitigate these risks and improve your fire safety precautions.

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Why do you need a Fire Risk Assessment?

It’s a legal requirement to conduct a written fire risk assessment and maintain this as a “living document” on the premises. By being non-compliant you risk invalidating your insurance cover, imprisonment or prosecution. 

Our Fire Risk Assessments are carried out by professional fire consultants. Their experience often reveals hazards that have existed for many years, but which could lead to serious problems in the event of a fire. Our fire consultants will:
•    Identify any persons at risk who use your premises
•    Identify any premise specific fire hazards 
•    Make recommendations to eliminate or mitigate the identified fire hazards
•    Create a list of all fire safety equipment
•    Propose a date for review


Assessment checklist

Not sure what you need? Ask us.

We have a lot of experience finding the best fire safety solutions throughout South Yorkshire. We can perform a fire safety assessment to determine what solution is best for you and provide. We have a lot of experience finding the best fire safety solutions for customers across South Yorkshire. After conducting a risk assessment to identify any fire hazards, we find the fire safety system that is best suited for your premises. We provide everything you need from installation to maintenance.

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